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At Planets Pride you will find:

  • The highest quality
  • The freshest frozen seafood
  • The best customer service
  • Competitive prices

Planets Pride does not have multiple levels of management. We are always accessible at all time for immediate decision making. We strive to lead our clients to the highest quality seafood and at the most competitive prices possible.



Planets Pride want to be the retail chain and food service distributors' favourite warm-water shrimp supplier in Europe
And the market leader in Scandinavia in frozen seafood, with a strong focus on warm-water shrimp





Food Policy:

Planets Pride wants to contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly production of food within the group of products we trade.

Planets Pride will mainly seek long term business partners/suppliers who work on the basis of similar policies as ours.


Food Strategy:

Planets Prides goal is that 60% of our products in 2020 are sustainable, eco-friendly and/or certified as such. E.g. BAP, GLOBALGAP, MSC, ASC.

Planet Prides goal by 2025 is that all our products comply with above criteria.



Planets Pride was first time registered in the Danish Central Business Register 05.10.1984
License No: DK-75639619
Corporate form: Joint-stock company
Trade: wholesale trade of fish and fish products

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