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Quality Control


71XXX ASC 600

We make our own design

Planets Pride's goods comes in our own designed bags and boxes.

Most of our packaging includes seven languages.
We do our outmost to follow the rules and regulations set by The European Union to label all our goods correct.
Also rules that apply only to specific countries are included.
We always keep updated on laws and regulations and work close together with The Danish Seafood Association to solve any divergence.




All designs are checked prior to packaging and again at intake in our cold storage to secure the right dates, barcodes and any extra prints.

bag 01    bag 02  box 02



weigt packWe test the weight

First the empty packaging and the goods are weighed separately.
Then the final pack is weighed. This is done several times during the packaging process.

weight 01    weight 03    weight 02

The bags goes into the box and the final check is done by weighing the master carton.
This is done with every master carton. This way the average weight of all bags are checked.

pack 01    weight 04


We check before storage

Upon arrival to our cold store the goods are counted and checked for damage.


Boxes and bags are measured and random weight-check is made on the goods.
All dates and barcodes are checked.
Certified goods e.g. ASC and MSC are checked against the producer.

storage 01  storage 02

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